Fun with Boomwhakers

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Fun with Boomwhakers

Fun with Boomwhakers innehåller 20 roliga engelska sånger

Finally, a great book to use with the Boomwhackers(R) musical, colorful tubes! Boomwhackers(R) are colorful tubes perfectly tuned to different musical notes that are clearly marked on their labels. They are fun, educational, economical, and kids love them! Most of the songs in this book can be performed with the C Major (Diatonic) sets of tubes. Fun with Boomwhackers(R) brings you: 20 fun songs and activities to use with the colorful tubes * Kids’ seal of approval—all activities have been kid-tested! * Lessons that reinforce standards set by Music Educators National Conference for K-8 * Lessons that appear in order of difficulty for K-8 classes.

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Down at the station
If you’re happy



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